28 February 1873
William McMaster Murdoch born in Dalbeattie (Scotland)

31 July 1888
He signs on as apprentice.

1 August 1888
His apprenticeship starts aboard the barque Charles Cotesworth

30 September 1892
His apprenticeship ends.

3 Oktober 1892
Murdoch passes the examination for the 2nd Mate’s certificate.

7 August 1893
He signs on as 2nd Mate aboard the full-rigged vessel Iquique.
Iquique’s  Master is his father, Captain Samuel Murdoch.

27 February  1895
Murdoch signs off as 2nd Mate of the Iquique.

23 March 1895
Murdoch passes the examiniation for the 1st Mate’s certificate.

12 May 1895
He joins the barque St. Cuthbert as 1st Mate.

29 July 1896
Murdoch signs off as 1st Mate of the St. Cuthbert.

28 September 1896
Murdoch passes the examination for the Extra Master Certificate in Sail. This Certificate is the highes qualification that could be obtained in those days when choosing the sea for a career. The Extra Master Certificate in Sail was also recognized as qualification to become master of a steam ship.

3 April 1897
Murdoch signs on as 1st Mate aboard the four-master barque Lydgate.

2 May 1899
Murdoch signs off as 1st Mate of the Lydgate.

30 June 1899
Murdoch joins the White Star Line

before 3 August 1899
Murdoch joins the White Star Line. He serves as Medic‘s 4th Mate during her maiden voyage.

Murdoch is promoted to 3rd Mate. He continous to serve aboard Medic.

He is transferred to Runic and is promoted to 2nd Mate.

June 1903
Murdoch is transferred to Arabic, takes part in her maiden voyage and continous to serve as 2nd Mate.

Murdoch serves as mate aboard the Celtic. He is listed as 1st Mate for the voyages terminating in July and August.

August 1904
He is transferred to Germanic and continous to serve as 1st Mate.

January 1905
Murdoch becomes 2nd Mate of the Oceanic, the company’s flag ship.

February/March 1906
Murdoch joins Cedric for two roundtrips and serves as 1st Mate.

6 April 1906
Murdoch is back on the Oceanic and 2nd Mate again.

9 May 1906
Murdoch is promoted to 1st Mate of the Oceanic.

Murdoch is promoted to Lieutenant RNR.

ca. May 1907
Murdoch is transferred to Adriatic. He remains 1st Mate and takes part in Adriatic‘s maiden voyage.

2 September 1907
He marries Ada Florence Banks, a New Zealander teacher, in Southampton.

May 1911
Murdoch is transferred to Olympic. He keeps his rank as 1st Mate and takes part in Olympic‘s maiden voyage.

20 September 1911
When navigating in the narrow waters near the Isle of Wight, the Olympic collides with the Hawke.
Murdoch is one of the witnesses called at the inquiry into this collision.

24 March 1912
Murdoch signs on as Chief Mate of the Titanic. He keeps this rank during trials and on the voyage from Belfast to Southampton.

9 April 1912
Murdoch signs on as 1st Mate for Titanic‘s maiden voyage.

10 April 1912
Titanic‘s maiden voyage begins.

14 April 1912
During Murdoch’s evening watch, the Titanic strikes an iceberg.

15 April 1912
The Titanic sinks after the collision with the iceberg. Murdoch is one of the 1496 victims of this disaster. His body is never recovered.