Since 1993, I have written a few articles on Murdoch which were published in magazines of different Titanic Societies.

The first article was a series in German language that was published by the Swiss Titanic Society between January and June 1994. The issue numbers of the „Titanic Post“ are telling its own stories – they were issues no. 6 – 8.

The first English language article was published by the British Titanic Society in their magazine „Atlantic Daily Bulletin“ issue No. 1 1994.

And then there is the article on Murdoch I wrote in German language. This article was published by the Deutscher Titanic-Verein von 1997 e. V., then called Titanic Informations Center Deutschland e. V., in their magazine „Der Navigator“ issue No. 3, vol. 2 (December 1998).

Although research has continued since then and brought many new information to light, I decided to put these articles online as they are part of the history. I added comments when the information in the original text is wrong from today’s point of view or when I felt that some clarification is needed.