Wheel and engine room order after the fatal iceberg was sighted

Witness Wheel Order Engine Room Order
Boxhall, Joseph Groves (4th Officer) Hard-a-starboard Full speed astern
Hichens, Robert (Quartermaster steering) Hard-a-staboard unknown
Olliver, Alfred (Quartermaster standing-by) Hard-a-port (after the collision) Half speed ahead (by Captain after collision)
Rowe, George Thomas (Quartermaster aft bridge) if it had been hard-a-starboard, the whole side would have been ripped open//the propeller would have been damaged no information
Barrett, Frederick (Leading stoker) n/a Stop (before the collision)
Beauchamps, George W. (Stoker) n/a Stop (immediately after the collision)
Cavell, George (Trimmer) n/a Stop
Dillon, Thomas (Trimmer) n/a unknown, telegraph rang before collision, engines stopped after collision
Scott, Frederick (Greaser) n/a Stop first after the shock, then slow ahead, then stop, then slow astern then stop