What was said by Murdoch to the captain after the impact?

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Witness was where? That was said by Murdoch
4th Officer Boxhall American Inquiry On the bridge after approaching it on the starboard side of the boat deck when the collision happened The captain said, „What have we struck?“ Mr. Murdock [sic!], the first officer, said, „We have struck an iceberg.“
Mr. Murdock [sic!] followed on to say, „I put her hard astarboard and run the engines full astern, but it was too close; she hit it.“
Mr. Murdock [sic!] also said, „I intended to port around it.“
„But she hit before I could do any more.“
„The watertight doors are closed, sir.“
Mr. Murdock [sic!] continued to say, „The watertight doors are closed, sir.“
Yes, sir; and the captain asked him if he had rung the warning bell.
He said, „Yes, sir.“
4th Officer Boxhall British Inquiry Was almost on the bridge when she struck, came out of the officers quarters Yes, he [the captain] asked him [Murdoch] what we had struck.
The first Officer said, „An iceberg, Sir. I hard-a-starboarded and reversed the engines, and I was going to hard-a-port round it but she was too close. I could not do any more. I have closed the watertight doors.“ The Commander asked him if he had rung the warning bell, and he said „Yes.“
Quartermaster Hichens American Inquiry At the wheel in the wheelhouse, unable to see anything going on on the outer bridge The skipper came rushing out of his room [after the collision] – Capt. Smith – and asked, „What is that?“ Mr. Murdock [sic!] said, „An iceberg.“ He said, „Close the emergency doors.“
Capt. Smith, sir, to Mr. Murdock [sic!]; „Close the emergency doors.“ Mr. Murdock [sic!] replied, „The doors are already closed.“
Quartermaster Hichens British Inquiry At the wheel in the wheelhouse, unable to see anything going on on the outer bridge Just about a minute, I suppose, after the collision, the Captain rushed out of his room and asked Mr. Murdoch what was that, and he said, „An iceberg, Sir,“ and he said, „Close the watertight door.“
The Captain immediately gave him orders to close the watertight doors. He said, „They are already closed.“ He immediately then sent for the carpenter to sound the ship.
Quartermaster Olliver American Inquiry Approaching the bridge on the boat deck on the starboard side On the bridge, just after she struck; and [Murdoch] reported to the captain that they [the watertight doors] were closed. I heard that myself.
Because Mr. Murdock [sic!] reported, and as I entered the bridge I saw him about the lever.
[The capton was] On the bridge. When he first came on the bridge he asked the first officer what was the matter, and Mr. Murdock [sic!] reported, sir, that we had struck an iceberg, and the captain ordered him to have the watertight doors closed, and Mr. Murdock [sic!] reported that the watertight doors were closed.